Can I Use Two Niches On One Blog? The Pros And Cons Of Having Multi Topics to Cover

11/24/2022 13:23:19 +0000
Every blogger has the same question when they start: whether they stick to one niche or choose multiple. Single niche blogs will focus on one central niche, with a few subtopics included that still relate to that main niche.
However, multi-niche blogs allow you to access several other topics, which can either be written by you or by contributing writers.
In this article, we'll be going into more detail about whether it's a good idea to have more than one niche on one blog.
Is it a good idea or not? We'll help you decide with the help of our analyses on the benefits and drawbacks of covering multiple topics.
Pros Of Having Multiple Topics
There are some benefits to covering multiple topics in one blog.
However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you're making a blog with multiple topics.
But first, let's take a look at why you should consider using more than one niche on a single blog.
More Ideas
While single-niche blogs are great, it's easy to run out of ideas.
While having only one topic to focus on is nice, it can also cage you in, especially in the long run.
Writing a blog is about maintaining a consistent yet original post that stands out among other blogs in the same niche.

However, having a multi-niche blog that covers different topics allows us to delve deeper into other ideas.

If you can't think of an idea for one niche, you can simply choose another niche to focus on instead.

For most blogs, it's easier to write about what you know.

However, running out of this information with a single-niche blog is easier.

If you have a single niche, you may have to research extensively to write a single post; however, with a multi-niche blog, you're only constrained by what you know.

If you know about multiple subjects, you can use this knowledge to write more content at a faster rate.

Not As Likely To Burn Out
Having more ideas means that you're less likely to burn out with a multi-niche blog.
Blogging is challenging, and what burns most bloggers out is either getting bored with their topic or getting writer's block.


If you're getting bored while writing a multi-niche blog, you can move on to another topic you write about. You could even begin a new interest and write about that.

Another reason that writers get burned out is that they don't get as much traffic with their blogs.

However, with a multi-niche blog, you may stumble into a niche that suddenly means it has more visitors.

More Adaptable
Writing for more than one niche also offers more adaptability if we want to move to another niche.
For example, if our niche is no longer popular, this offers us the chance to transfer from our niche to move onto another more prosperous one.


If we write for a niche that is either too popular or too unpopular, we could move into another niche.

While we may still be able to write for that niche, we find that it's easier to move onto another niche to get noticed.

It also means that if we started a blog years ago, we may just have fallen out of love with the niche we started with.

Everyone changes as a person, and with that, our interest in the blog may shift to topics that align with our own views in the future.

A multi topic blog will allow us to move onto a different topic and adapt to change in a way that's more affordable than investing in another single-niche blog.

Cheaper Than Multiple Single-Niche Blogs
On another note, having a multi-topic blog gives us the opportunity to save money in the long run.
There is still a chance for multi-topic blogs to become popular if we are consistently uploading high-quality content.
If we need to invest in several single-niche blogs, we will need to still pay for website costs for separate sites.

While a single-topic blog is not necessarily more expensive, running more than one can cost more in the long run, especially as we need to pay for the domain and other costs that come from running a site.

Cons Of Having Multiple Topics
There are some drawbacks to covering multiple topics in one blog.
Many people see single-niche blogs as having more reliability, and may be more profitable to advertisers.
They can be more challenging to maintain, and they can offer more of a challenge to manage when compared to a single-niche blog.
Less Likely To Appear On SERPs
One of the biggest challenges for multi-niche blogs is ranking highly on SERPs, because we need to write consistently high quality content and build links.
If we run a single-topic blog, we can focus on building links to sites that are related to one niche.
Google will pick up on these related links, and it will see the site as reliable.

However, if we have two niches on one blog, there is a risk of a 50/50 split on articles of one topic.

Google won't see it as reliable, and so it won't rank us as highly in results.

Less Authority
If a multi topic blog isn't done well, then it may not be able to build the authority needed to rank highly on SERPs.
Some people may not trust a multi-niche blog, especially if the topics don't appear to be relevant to one another.
It will be difficult to get organic traffic, as the content is more fragmented, and there is a chance that not all of our audience will be as interested in all of them.
Audience Maintenance
Maintaining an audience with a multi-niche blog is more challenging, because we need to ensure our content is reaching our audience in a way for both topics.
While one visitor may be interested in one of our niches, they may not care for the others.
To maintain the audience, we need to ensure that there is an even distribution of content into each niche.
Not As Profitable
Even if we manage to maintain our audience, it won't necessarily make our blogs profitable.
A single topic blog will earn more, as the ads are targeted to one niche.
However, having two topics will mean that half of our ads will be targeted towards half of our audience.
Therefore, if we were looking to make a profit, we would earn more with a single-niche blog.
Difficult To Manage
We mentioned earlier that our niches need to be maintained equally on our blog.
However, this is a more challenging task than one would think.
If we need to keep our audiences interested, we need to upload content for all of our topics on a consistent basis, and they need to be high quality.
Final Thoughts
As we can see here, we could use two niches on one blog, however, we need to consider whether the topics could be relevant to one another.
It may be more challenging to maintain a multi-niche blog, however, if done correctly, we could benefit from targeting more than one niche.
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