Newsletter Navigator: How Newsletters Are The Simplest Online Business in 2024 
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Real wealth isn't earned from wages – it's generated through assets.
Imagine owning an online business where you can deliver your content direct to your customers' inboxes, without having to rank and compete on the big platforms like Amazon or Google? Not have to pay for traffic on paid social media channels, and not even have to create the digital product yourself? Sounds dreamy doesn't it?

Newsletter businesses are a fantastic option for an online business 2024 as you are in control. You can start small, monetize in a number of different ways and feel great about sending high quality content direct to subscribers, and you don't even have to write the newsletters yourself.
When starting most online businesses it's hard to get out the starting blocks – creating your offer, finding customers and figuring out the dozens of ways to promote it on crowded platforms. There's tech to figure out, competitors to outrank, social media to sort and nearly always some big fees or costs in the mix.

How good would it feel to own a newsletter business - a model that avoids the big platforms entirely? No paid ads and you can start super small with the simplest tech of any online business out there? You can choose a topic you're interested in personally and grow organically. Or pick a really lucrative niche and focus on growing your profits fast.
In 2024 I'm excited to share with you a simple, quality way to start an online business that is low cost, low tech and a hot 'digital asset' class - Newsletter Businesses.
There are many benefits to a newsletter business. You own and control your email list, and with a range of ways to make money from that list you'll wish you'd started one sooner. You can start small, adapt an existing online business you own that could suit a newsletter addition, and enjoy the direct connection with your subscribers. With access like that sponsors, affiliate products and services are easy to promote.

Four years ago I bought a newsletter business and it has been a fantastic investment – clock work profits and unaffected by big platforms changing rules, costs or algorithms. An engaged audience and everything is outsourced. I'm also growing several new newsletters I'm starting from scratch and growing using strategies I can teach you.

I'm now sharing my proven newsletter formula in a brand new course that will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful newsletter business owner.

It's a fully comprehensive course that will get you up and running with your own newsletter even if you've never started an online business before, if you don't have the time to write it yourself and if you don't want to handle anything tech-y. If you've had content sites or physical products you'll find the simplicity and total control of your assets a dream! Plus there are lots of options to combine a newsletter with an existing business.

Newsletter Navigator is your chance to learn and implement the best online newsletter strategies for 2024.
Introducing. . .
Newsletter Navigator: How Newsletter Businesses Are The Simplest Online Business For 2024
Profitable strategies, right at your fingertips. The Newsletter Navigator course teaches how to turn practical insights into long-term lucrative income streams. This self-paced 8-module online course is packed full of bonuses to help guide persons interested in multiple income streams through the entire journey.
Welcome to Newsletters
Why Newsletters Are One Of The Best Online Business Models
The Newsletter Business Models
Choosing Your Niche And Name
Building Your Subscriber List
Writing Your Newsletter
Tech Stack
Advanced Strategies - Building Upstream And Downstream Income Streams
Exclusive Bonus Content!
In addition to the core modules, Newsletter Navigator enrollment also unlocks hundreds of dollars worth of exclusive bonus templates
  • 30 Day Challenge
  • 100 Ideas For Newsletters
  • Recommended Tech Tools and Services
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklists
  • Live Demo Of A Newsletter Being Built
  • Unlimited Content Plan Strategy
  • Buying An Established Newsletter Business
  • 30 Day Challenge
  • 100 Ideas For Newsletters
  • Recommended Tech Tools and Services
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklists
  • Live Demo Of A Newsletter Being Built
  • Unlimited Content Plan Strategy
  • Buying An Established Newsletter Business
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