What Business Can I Start With 10k?

11/24/2022 15:56:26 +0000
Anyone looking to set up their own business has a certain budget in mind that they can start with. For some people, that amount is only a couple hundred dollars but for some people, it is 10k.
Of course, not every business needs that much money to start, and some can even start with zero money at all.
However, if you have raised 10k for the purposes of starting your own business and are looking for some wise business ideas to invest that money in, this article has the best of them!
Bakery Service
If you have previous experience in a patisserie or bakery shop, even if you simply love baking, starting your own bakery business is the best choice you could make.
Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and, in general, baked goods are always in demand both in people's daily routines and on special occasions.
Even though renting or buying a place that you can turn into your bakery shop will probably require more than 10k, you can start with even less than that by baking at home.
You would need to acquire some licenses, register as a business, and purchase all the equipment you need to make your baked goods, so a part of that 10k will be mostly spent on that.
The rest can be spent on the ingredients, packaging, and advertising you'll do to make your business known to the world.
Business Planner
What better way to spend that 10k on advising people on how to spend their 10k in starting their own business?
If you are a 'man with a plan' and have a business consultancy background or have studied business management, you can start your own business plan service.
From working the number and doing research and competitive analysis for your clients to creating a business plan for them and helping them with getting all the licenses they need to run their business, helping people succeed in that is a great job.
So, if you have that knowledge and that 10k, you can spend some of it on registering your business and promoting it, and perhaps use some of the money to sustain yourself in the beginning when getting many clients and getting paid might be a bit challenging.
Being a talented writer isn't something you want to let go to waste, especially when you can make money becoming a copywriter.
Starting a copywriting service is a great way to harness your talents and get paid for writing engaging copy for clients.
The best part is that you can start your business with less than 10k and use most of that amount of money to promote yourself and, again, pay a few bills until you get that list of loyal clients who will keep asking for your services.
With a copywriting business, you are not limited to writing copy, as you can also make a lot of money by also offering proofreading and editing services.
Fashion Accessories Designer
If you have a creative streak, why not give accessories creation a shot? Handmade accessories, especially when they are custom-made too, are very popular with both men and women.
You can start making literally anything; from rings and bracelets to bridal veils and purses. Having that 10k will prove to be very useful in buying the equipment and materials you will need to make your accessories.
Another thing you can spend some of the money on is traveling in order to find new, unique materials or to attend shows and take part in fairs where you can showcase and sell your creations.
Photography/Videography Services
Setting up a photography/videography service means you'll spend most of your money on buying high-quality photography and videography gear as well as travel from place to place to offer your services to your clients.
Becoming a successful photographer or videographer requires you to practice the skill and ideally have experience before starting your business.
When you start off, depending on how skilled you are and if you have some clients already waiting for you from previous collaborations, you might need to offer your services for free to some big companies to get your name out there and enrich your CV.
Personal Trainer
Think of all those celebrities that have full-time or part-time personal trainers and imagine that could be you.
If you are in the fitness industry, have worked as a trainer in a gym, or have just finished a relevant course or college and are looking to enter the industry as a freelancer, you can become your business's biggest asset.
Creating a home studio or using that 10k to rent out a place and buy the equipment you will need for your classes is the way to start.
However, if you are ready to go all in and go after those 'big names,' then you will have to invest more money in promotional activities and work on your branding to attract the celebrity stars you want.
Cleaning Services
Cleaning services are always in demand both from office companies and big households, so investing that 10k to start your own company is another good option.
While at first, you might need to do some cleaning yourself, that is actually great as to succeed in running a cleaning company you need to know the drill.
Moreover, commercial cleaning is extremely lucrative as there are minimum expenses on your part apart from buying the cleaning equipment and hiring the staff.
With paying rates of more than 20-30 dollars per hour, making this your side business can greatly boost your income.
Not only that but you can also keep your day job since commercial cleaning is more of a late afternoon or evening job when most offices and spaces are closed or haven't opened yet.
The Bottom Line

These business ideas are some great examples of how you can use your 10k to start your own ventures.

However, make sure to spend your money on something you love and are experienced in so that you can start making money from it as soon as possible!

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Sophie has lectured on stages all around the world, encouraging and teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs. She has established instructional programs educating thousands of students how to sell online, in addition to releasing over 1000 products.

Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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