What Are Ezoic's Requirements? How To Up Your Earning Potential

11/28/2022 09:51:20 +0000
Being able to work at home for yourself by having a website that makes money can be the dream made into reality.
If you want to ensure that your brand, blog, or website reaches its earning potential, then using Ezoic can be a great way to start.
To make the most of Ezoic AI, there are a few requirements to be made aware of. That may mean a target of site visits per month, that the content is relevant, and even adhering to Google's policy.
In this guide, we will look at what Ezoic's requirements are and how to up your earning potential.
AdSense Supported
There is a broad range of website configurations, themes, plugins, CMS, and hosts that Ezoic works with. It remains a versatile platform yet it works really well with Google AdSense or combined with an Ad Manager account.
Both features benefit from a good standing and an association with Google which should be a green light to apply for Ezoic.
Site Content
To make the most of monetization, the site content is crucial. To use Ezoic, the platform has a requirement for relevant content that is unique.
If the website concentrates on e-commerce or corporate content that it is unlikely to benefit as comprehensively from Ezoic's workings.
However, for a content-rich and informational website, the potential is clearly there to make more from monetization.
Google Policy
Making sure that your website adheres to Google's Publishers Policies should be a priority anyway.
That means ensuring that there are no invalid clicks, impressions, or keyword stuffing. Google also requires that your website only has original content.
Site Visits
A rather simple requirement to remember for Ezoic is at least 10,000 site visits per month. For some, such a total would appear unreachable yet sets a baseline to really up your earning potential.
The target is largely down to Ezoic's data-driven AI system which needs so much data from so many visits to work out how to maximize monetization.
How To Up Your Earning Potential
When you do use Ezoic, there are plenty of tricks to up your earning potential.
Revenue Focused
First, you want to ensure that the optimization goal for your website is 'Revenue Focused' which is an optimization goal setting on the Ezoic dashboard.
Just that simple switch means that Ezoic will look at increasing ad revenue rather than focusing on improving the UX metrics.
Ad Visualization
Yes, it may sound simple yet you do want to ensure that every single visitor to your website actually sees your adverts.
That means across all devices which is another setting you can update so that mobile, tablet, and desktop are turned on and then set to 100%.
AI Placeholders
Having AI placeholders turned on is another quick and easy way to increase your monetization. That may mean an increase of around 20%, all from just one setting.
Head to the Ezoic dashboard, choose 'Monetization', then scroll to 'Ad Tester', click 'General Settings', and turn on the settings for AI placeholders and enhanced AI placeholders.
Native Ads
For an estimated increase of 10% in revenue, all you need to do is turn on native ad units. That's it. These are sponsored and editorial content stories that should appear in a sidebar or at the bottom of your website pages.
Head to 'Monetization', then 'Native Ad Units' and ensure it is turned on with 'PG-13 (highest paid)' as the setting which should bring the most benefit.
Responsive Ads
You want the ads to cover as much space as possible across the width of a screen or container. With responsive ads, you benefit from fluid sizing which is another option you can turn on for every placeholder.
Adaptive Sizing
Adaptive sizing is said to improve monetization by over 20% so it is well worth using. This is a smart system that looks at when smaller ad sizes can be used in a larger placeholder.
That simply means multiple ads in one placeholder to increase your revenue. Head to the pop-up window for 'Edit Placeholder', click on 'Positions', and then turn on adaptive sizing.
More Ad Sizes
This is another seemingly obvious way to up your earning potential yet the size of your ads is important. Make sure that you can make room for every ad size to match every Ezoic placeholder for your website.
The layout may mean that some ad sizes perform better than others and that is for Ezoic's AI to decide. Head to 'Monetization', then 'Ad Tester', 'Edit', and 'Size Criteria'. Click on all the ad types, ad sizes, and devices then save them.
Sticky Sidebar Ad
Another quick way to increase your EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors), is to turn on sticky sidebar ads.
These are those floating ads that can be seen on the sidebar and can up your EPMV by around 10%. You would need to use a Chrome extension to add the ad placeholder yet that is simple enough.
Another Sidebar
Of course, you could always just have another sticky sidebar ad to really up that revenue. Imagine, one on the left, and one on the right of your website with your relevant content in the middle.
Floating Video Ad Units
If you want to test floating video ad units then check the option in the General Ad Tester Settings. These ads will simply float around the bottle right corner of your website and bring in more revenue.
Vignette Ads
Then there are vignette ads that are full-screen and appear during page loads but can be skipped by users when they want to.
Head to the General Ad Tester Settings and ensure it is turned on for each device format; tablet, desktop, and mobile.
Final Thoughts
Using Ezoic can really propel your brand, blog, or website to reach new heights of monetization. Display advertising and affiliate links are a great way to bring in some revenue as it remains a passive route.
For a more comprehensive look at driving revenue from your online endeavors, consider my Passive Portfolio Investors webinar.
Earning a passive income can prove really simple and rewarding, you may just need the right guidance and the right tools.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Does Ezoic Offer, As Well As Website Monetization?
Using AI, Ezoic helps with advert placement to assist with the monetization of your website and increase revenue.
SEO is also another service that Ezoic provides assistance with by comparing page views, click-throughs, and bounce rates. You can use the Ezoic Video Player to work out which videos work best for your potential revenue.
Ezoic also assists with analytics, site performance, and cloud infrastructure.
What Is Ezoic's Ad Tester?
The Ad Tester from Ezoic is a feature you may want to consider for your website. Using multivariate testing, the Ad Tester determines which adverts should be shown to make the most impact against a particular set of site visitors.
By improving the user experience, that should help increase your revenue. Simply tell the platform of the ideal size for the adverts and where they could be placed and let the combinations be tested for the benefit of your website.
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Sophie has lectured on stages all around the world, encouraging and teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs. She has established instructional programs educating thousands of students how to sell online, in addition to releasing over 1000 products.

Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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