The Different Ways To Monetize A Niche Site With Ezoic

11/28/2022 08:22:29 +0000
Ezoic is one of my favorite ways of monetizing my sites. It may be a paid-for service rather than a free one, but as far as I'm concerned it's worth every cent.
Any money you make through Ezoic will not only cover the subscription cost, but also ensure that your site makes more money besides, frequently considerably more.
In this article, I'm going to go through all the various ways of monetizing your side with the help of Ezoic. But before I go into all that, I'll kick things off by explaining a few basics.
What Exactly Is Ezoic? What Does It Do?
Ezoic is basically artificial intelligence software which is specifically designed to increase website revenue.
This intelligent technology is aimed primarily at informational websites rather than online shops or affiliate marketing websites, and it can be used to boost the revenue of websites in a number of different ways.
It has several benefits and strengths, but in particular it improves usability and content discovery on the site.
It does this by carrying out testing on the user interface of the website, and it will automatically make adjustments to optimize the monetization of the site.
Ways To Monetize Your Site With The Help Of Ezoic
Running Display Ads
Although there's no harm in using Ezoic on an affiliate marketing website, Ezoic's strength is in its ability to monetize your site through the running of display ads.
If your website is already enjoying plenty of traffic, then there's absolutely no reason not to run display ads.
Users generally expect to see ads on websites these days, and anyone who does find them obnoxious simply uses a pop-up blocker.
Here are the top benefits of running ads on your website:
You Get To Monetize Every Single Page Of Your Website
If your website, as all the best informational websites do, features lots of quality content that people are searching for, then it's likely that this content is spread over several pages, rather than just the one.
And with display ads, you can earn money on each and every one of those pages.
You Are Able To Monetize Every Single Visitor To Your Website
The great thing about running display ads is that your earning potential is not just linked to the ad's click-through rate, although that certainly helps.
With display ads, you can earn money for every thousand visitors, simply because the ads are getting seen by so many people, thus building the advertisers name and brand.
For Sites With Thousands Of Visitors, You Can Earn More Than Ever Before
A frequently used metric by ad management companies is EPMV, which represents Earnings Per Thousand Visitors.
And the good news is that ad management companies are giving website owners higher EPMV than they ever have before.
Create Digital Products To Sell
If you want to run an online store, but not have any physical objects to sell, you could instead sell digital products and/or services.
For example, products you could sell may include e-books relating to your particular niche, or audio content, or images such as digital photographs or animated art.
Or if you wanted to sell a service, you could do tutoring via webinars, you could offer business coaching sessions, or sell video tutorials, or you could run a fitness class.
Run Promotions Through Email Marketing
It's pretty easy to set up an email marketing mailing list through your website. And once you have this customer base to market to, you can easily send promotional offers and codes via email.
Products and services are always more attractive when the customer believes they are getting a really good deal. It's often what convinces them to part with their money.
Paid Membership Service / Content
You can nurture a feeling of belonging with your most loyal customers, and foster a sense of community.
This could be exclusive membership, where there's content and chat facilities available exclusively for paying members. It adds greater value to the content and connection simply because of its exclusivity.
Use The Ezoic Video Player
The usage figures for video content is staggering. A study in 2019 found that the average user watches a whopping 6.8 hours of video content every week.
And you can have a piece of that action. Video content is easily indexed and crawled by Google.
But just because most of the videos that show up on the Google search results pages are of YouTube videos, does not mean that your video content has to come through YouTube, though it may certainly help, and you can simply use Ezoic's very own video player.
How Ezoic Can Help
OK, so at this point, you now have a pretty good overview of some simple and easy ways to monetize your sites without having to go down the affiliate marketing route.
But I can read your mind (not really) and know what you're wondering now.
You're asking how exactly does Ezoic help with any of this. And the answer is that it does so in a number of different ways. Allow me to walk you through the top two means...
Ezoic's Ad Tester
Let's start with Ezoic's Ad Tester. Ezoic will test out different aspects of your display ads, including the likes of the ad's size, location and position.
And it can do all this without having to change any of the actual content on the website.
This way, Ezoic learns what the website users like and don't like, and then tweaks the site accordingly to improve the user experience and generate more ad revenue by increasing conversions and decreasing bounce rate.
One study found that implementing Ezoic led to an average 35% increase in the time visitors stayed on the site.
Ezoic's Leap
Ezoic's Leap is a tool that serves to improve the user interface of the website. It does this by doing such things as increasing the website's speed, so that users are never left waiting around for each page to load.
It also helps with the site's Core Web Vitals scores. For those of you who don't already know, Core Web Vitals are basically a range of factors that form part of Google's "page experience" score.
A good Core Web Vitals score would be 2.5 seconds or less, between 2.5 and 4 seconds means it needs improvement, and anything more than 4 seconds long is poor.
This is important because Google has said that Core Web Vitals scores are a ranking factor on their search engine results pages.
Wrap Up
So to sum up, I would 100% recommend subscribing to Ezoic to increase your niche website revenue...
As you can see, it's great for making the most of running display ads on your site by testing them to see which settings work best for revenue.
What's more, with Ezoic Leap, you can significantly improve your site's Core Web Vitals score, which helps with both ranking on the search engine results pages, and without a doubt, the user experience of everyone who uses your site.
Not to mention the Ezoic video player, which is a great way to attract people to your site, since video content is so popular at the moment.
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Sophie has lectured on stages all around the world, encouraging and teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs. She has established instructional programs educating thousands of students how to sell online, in addition to releasing over 1000 products.

Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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