Starting An Online Clothing Business: Step-By-Step Guide

02/23/2023 16:33:19 +0000
Starting An Online Clothing Business
An online business store can be a lucrative venture, these kinds of clothing stores are known to pop off with the right marketing campaigns and when done well can land you on the front pages of magazines, while also just being a good way to earn money should you have a passion for fashion.

No matter wherever you have your own fashion brand and ideas and just want to know the business steps necessary to start your clothing business, or you are starting from complete scratch, we plan to fill you in on all the best tips so that you can start earning in the fashion world.

Keep reading to learn more about fashion business, as well as how to start your own online store.

1. Pick A Niche
In the fashion business, as well as online clothing stores, selling a bit of everything and throwing a large net just isn't clever. Instead, it can be best to pick a smaller niche within which you can create your own brand.

Consider parts of the market you may consider to be underdeveloped, and then figure out how you can exploit this market gap. Or, pick a trend that is happening within fashion at the minute and figure out the best way to ride that wave.

Rather than choosing things that have been done before, or are being done a lot, try find the things that aren't being done

Of course, this is speaking from a purely business perspective. You may already have your own fashion ideas, or your own brand and just want to get down to business.

Regardless, here are some examples of niches that have proven lucrative in recent years:

- Plus Size Fashion/Active Wear

- Ethnic Wear

- Vintage Resale

- Eco-friendly Clothing

- Classic Sportswear Resale

2. Know Your Market
If you have your clothing store ideas set in stone, it can be worth researching the market a bit.
Checking what other brands are doing which are popular, figure out which brands are legitimate competitors and which brands are potential competitors in the future.

See which brands do what well, and where there could be some gaps for you to exploit within these smaller niches.

Also, check which brands are doing well, perhaps within one niche there is a large competitor and other smaller brands fail as a result, or are lots of small brands fighting for the top place.

For example, while plus size activewear might be a lucrative fashion trend, are they using eco-friendly materials? Is there a group of consumers that are being missed out in certain fashion niches?

Once you understand and know the market well, you can figure out where your business can have success.

3. Get The Boring License Stuff Out The Way Early
With starting any business you need to have your ducks in order, this could even require hiring other people to help such as accountants or business advisors.

Your store will need a unique name that stands out while also not being used by another entity, this will need registering. Go for something unique and memorable.

This will likely need to be accessible as a website too if you are going for an online business. While the name may not be registered you may need to buy the domain name.

You will also need to register your business, which will occur with your state and federal laws as they change per state, or even country. You will likely be charged for this registration.

You also need to know if you will be a sole proprietor, where you are the single owner and operator of the business, or if you need an LLC, more ideal for having partners and investors.

Starting An Online Clothing Business
4. Consider Where You Will Source Your Products
In the fashion business sourcing materials, even the clothes themselves, as well as sorting shipping and packaging, these all need considering. Yet, much of this will depend on what sort of fashion business you are running.

If you are creating everything yourself, it can be worth considering how you will find materials to use in a cost effective way, whether they will be eco friendly, and more.

When creating fashion this way it's good to start creating relationships with suppliers or manufacturers.

You may be sourcing pre-made pieces like classic football jerseys, or vintage clothes. Consider how you will effectively find these items in a way that can make you money and is both time and cost efficient.

You may need to consider something for the future such as a fashion buyer, someone who can manage all these things, keep an eye on stocks, predict where more stock may be needed, consider what should be on the site and when to remove low selling items, what to do with surplus, the list goes on.

These details ultimately decide your profit margins. It doesn't matter how well you are selling, if you don't have everything sorted behind the scenes in an effective way you could experience some loss of profit.

5. Consider How Your Website Will Run
We're talking specifically about online clothes stores today, so making your website accessible, usable, and in the view of those you consider to be a target audience, are all things we need to consider.

In a practical sense, you need to make sure the website is actually usable: have clear descriptions for your clothes, consider what images you will use, if you will pay models to take shots for the website, who will take these pictures, how payments are processed, etc. All this is key to having a successful online store.

6. Market, Market, Market!
It doesn't matter how efficiently your business is running, if you can't get your product in front of the right people, you just won't sell.
Your brand needs to be accessible and visible to the right people for you to have continued business success.

You need to consider hiring marketers to help you develop a brand that people recognize and is easy to find on the web.

This could involve looking into Search Engine Optimization tactics (SEO), whether you use paid advertising on social media, affiliate marketing with influencers, content marketing through blogging or running social media, press coverage, etc.

Consider who your target audience is and come up with a meticulous plan of how you will get your products in front of your target audience so they can snap it up.

Final Thoughts
What should be clear is that a lucrative fashion business needs both creative and business acumen, without both of these things you will not succeed.
Even if you sell loads of your handmade clothes, if your behind the scenes isn't in order you could operate at a loss. Equally if you sell a few items per month you could still make money depending on how your business is set up.

Running an online store can be very lucrative when done well but you need to make sure you are working in the right niche, getting the right sort of eyes on your product, and also have an efficient business model in order to find long term success from managing and running an online store.

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