How To Start An Online Jewelry Business

05/18/2023 13:28:33 +0000
Starting an online jewelry business can be an exciting and profitable venture. With the increasing popularity of online shopping and the growing demand for unique, handmade, and customized jewelry, it has become easier than ever before to launch an online jewelry store.

However, as with any business, starting an online jewelry business requires careful planning, research, and execution. Knowing where to start can be tricky, especially if this is your first time starting your own business.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of starting an online jewelry business. Whether you're a seasoned jewelry designer or a beginner, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to get started and succeed in the competitive world of online jewelry sales.

Get The Legal Side Out Of The Way
Nobody wants to think about the legal side of setting up a business, but if you get all of your legal ducks in a row before your business is up and running, it will be easier in the long run.

Many of your legal considerations are going to depend on how big your online business is going to be. For example, if you're planning to just sell a couple of costume jewelry pieces on Etsy every month you won't need to do as much as someone planning a full-time business dealing with precious metals.

If you're unsure of exactly what your legal obligations are going to be, we highly recommend consulting an attorney that specializes in business law. Different states can have different rules regarding registering businesses so it is always best to consult an expert.

However, some of the general legal aspects you should consider include:

Registering A Business
There are a few steps that you may need to take to register as a business owner. You may need to register the structure of your business with the Secretary of State office in your state. Some states also require registration of your business name if it is different from your legal name.
Anything you sell will be liable for sales tax. These rates can differ from state and may even differ depending on the products that you sell. In many cases, registering for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a good idea as it will help you keep your business taxes separate from your personal ones.
If you're going to sell jewelry made from real precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, you may need to get them hallmarked. These marks confirm that the precious metals are what they're supposed to be. There is no universal hallmark system in the United States as it is handled by different assaying agencies in different states and cities.
Decide On Your Products And Prepare Them
If you're considering opening an online jewelry business, you probably already have some experience in making jewelry. You may sell jewelry offline already or have just made some as a hobby.

Regardless of your experience with making jewelry, you need to prepare your products and make sure that you have interesting designs. You may be tempted to offer a wide range of different products but you may find that you'll have more success with a smaller collection that has its own unique identity.

Put some thought into the jewelry that you want to start your business with. You can always add more lines as your business grows, after all!

We advise that you get your stock in order. Keep track of how many finished items you have and make sure that they are well-labeled and organized so that you always know what is in stock and what you need. You want to fulfill orders quickly and being organized from the beginning will make this easier.

You should also take the time to take great product photos. Product photography is a different skill from other types of photography so don't rush this part of the job.

Light boxes can greatly help when it comes to getting quality photos but if you're struggling to get high-quality photos, consider using an experienced product photographer.

Research Your Sales Options
There are many different ways that you can sell jewelry online to your customers. They can be largely broken down into two categories.
Hosted Stores
Many people sell their handmade jewelry on established sites such as eBay and especially Etsy. The latter of these is a great option for selling jewelry as it allows you to create your own storefront and is very popular with people searching for handmade goods. With an Etsy store, you can build your customer base and find new customers easily.

However, these stores offer you limited options and can be restrictive in the long run. They're a great option for a casual online jewelry business.

Personal Sites
The other option is to create your own site. There are many web hosting services such as Shopify that are designed purely for businesses looking to sell their services. Other hosting services such as WordPress are made for more general purposes but can also be easily customized to add a store.

We highly recommend checking several hosting platforms as they all offer different services for different prices. The best option for you will depend on how many products you're aiming to sell and how much help you need to set up your store.

You should also check the payment options available as many customers will want to pay via a credit card whereas others will only want to pay with PayPal.

You will need to ensure you have a catchy domain name and detailed product descriptions for everything you sell.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is a very important part of any online business, especially if you have your own independent store. Nobody will buy your jewelry if they don't know it exists!

We recommend establishing a social media presence across several platforms as these are a great way of getting your products in front of customers.

These can be crowded platforms, however, as there are many people trying to establish their jewelry businesses. You need to make sure that your designs stand out and that your brand is recognizable.

Getting hits from Google searches is important but can be difficult as well. We highly recommend creating a blog for your website where you talk about your design and manufacturing process, as well as give hints and tips to budding designers.

By hitting these topics, you will be able to direct more traffic to your website than a site that only sells products would.

Finally, if you have the budget to do so, consider spending some money on ads. Social media advertising can be surprisingly reasonable! You should also consider reaching out to influencers to promote your jewelry.

Final Thoughts
In this article, we discussed the different steps you need to take in order to start an online jewelry business. It's important to get your business legal from the start and you should prepare your products before you launch.
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