How Much Will You Earn With Adsense? And Is It Worth It

11/25/2022 15:31:42 +0000
If you have a website and are currently not utilizing Google Adsense, then we're here to tell you all about it. You can generate money through your website just by allowing Google to place ads around your content!
Today we're looking at whether Adsense is worth it, and how much you can expect to earn through placing ads on your website. Let's get right into it!
What Is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a product that Google offers website owners the chance to earn money through their website by giving them space to advertise other products and services.
You will then get paid when a website visitor clicks on the ad.
You might also get paid for impressions, which means that the visitor doesn't even need to click on the ad to earn you money.
Whether you need your visitors to click on the ad or not all depends on the type of ad Google displays on your site.
Ads are text, videos, or images and are chosen by an automated system in the way of an auction. The highest bidder among bidding users on Google AdWords gets the advertising space.
However, the ads will be targeted for your site through multiple levels, including:
  • Contextual targeting, which analyzes keywords used and their frequency.
  • Placement targeting, allows advertisers to choose where they want their ads to be placed.
  • Personalized targeting, using your audience to curate the best ads for them.
  • Network targeting, using all sites in the Adsense network rather than specific groups.
Making Money Through Adsense - Creating Ad Units
An ad unit is something that you can add to your website to allow Google to display an ad where you want it to be. Once you have created your Adsense account, you can create and manage your ad units on your website.
There are a few different ad units you can choose to add, including:
  • Display ads, which are responsive and customizable
  • In-feed, which are native ads that show between text blocks
  • In-article, which are native ads showing between sections of articles
  • Matched content, which is ads to promote content to your viewers,
  • Links, which offer relevant links to external content similar to your own
Creating your own ad block is simple and can be done through your Adsense account. Go to the Ads page and select the option to add an ad unit and display ads. Name the ad block to make it easier to find at a later date.
Here you'll be able to adjust the size of the advertisement space, and whether you want it to be responsive or not. We always recommend allowing ads to be responsive to make the most money from them!
After you've saved these settings, Adsense will offer you a code to paste into the tags of your page. Click done, and you'll be able to see your ads within just a few minutes.
Earning Through Adsense
The amount you'll earn through Adsense depends on how much competition your niche has, as well as the Cost Per Click (CPC) of the niche. Google will pay you for each click on your ads, but they will also take a commission.
The amount of commission Google takes will depend on a number of factors, but you'll usually find yourself with around 68% of the original price. This number will be reduced to 51% when you're using Adsense for reach instead.
Again, the cost will depend on your niche, but a general idea is that the commission can range between $0.20 and $15, with an average of $3 per click.
Popular Niches For The Best Adsense
If you want to use Adsense to your full advantage and are looking for a niche to get into, it's a wise idea to enter a niche with the best earning potential from Adsense. The top performing niches on Adsense are as follows:
  • Insurance, with an average CPC of $16
  • Online education, with an average CPC of $12.08
  • Marketing and advertising, with an average CPC of $6.45
  • Attorney, with an average CPC of $6.11
  • Internet and telecommunications, with an average CPC of $4.96
What If You're Not In One Of These Top Performing Niches?
If you're in a different niche and still want to use Adsense, you can. You can still earn money from Google placing adverts on your web pages, you just won't earn as much in CPC revenue as you would in another niche.
However, sometimes it is best to stick in a niche that you are well versed in, despite the CPC being lower on Adsense. Some people choose to try their hand in a new, higher paying niche without knowing much about it.
If viewers know that you're not knowledgeable about the niche, however, you will lose visitors and therefore valuable impressions or click-throughs. So, sometimes it is best to stick with what you know.
How Much Can You Make Per 1000 Views With Adsense?
The amount you'll make on 1000 views will all depend on your niche. However, for an example, let's say you're in the tech niche. You could get around $1.70 per click.
If you have 1000 visitors with a click-through rate of 1%, that means that you'll have an average of 1 click through every 100 visitors. So, you'll have 10 clicks per 1000 viewers. This works out to roughly $17 per 1000 viewers.
Getting Paid With Adsense
Once you have set up your Adsense account and have added ad blocks onto your website, you should be able to start getting paid. Google will pay you every month for the months where you earn over $100 from ad revenue.
Google will pay you via a direct deposit into your bank account, or via check if you'd prefer.
If you don't accumulate $100 in a month, you will not get paid that month. Instead, your earnings will continue to accumulate until they reach $100.
Pros And Cons
Now that you know how much you can make on Adsense, let's take a look at the pros and cons.
  • Adsense is completely free to use.
  • You can add multiple sites to just one account.
  • Google creates the ads for you, you don't have to do anything.
  • It's a good form of passive income.
  • You don't get paid until you've earned $100.
  • You don't get to use another ad network if you're using Adsense.
  • Google has been known to block people from using Adsense over strict policy rules and violations.
  • You need a lot of traffic to make decent money.
  • Adding too many ads on your page could annoy your visitors.
Summary - Is Adsense Worth It?
Overall, you have a chance to make a lot of money through Adsense, and for very minimal effort. As long as you have lots of traffic and are in a high paying niche, Adsense is more than worth signing up for.
However, it might not be worth it for everyone. For example, people in very obscure niches with light traffic might struggle to make the $100 minimum needed for cashout.
If you're interested in creating passive income online, check out our Passive Portfolio course today!
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