How Long Does It Normally Take To Sell A Website?

11/28/2022 11:57:21 +0000
Selling a business can be a long, drawn out process. In some cases, it can take six to eighteen months, or even longer. But, fortunately, selling a website in the online world is a much quicker process, and easier.
The time it takes for a website to sell and how much it sells for depends on a variety of factors.
If it is well presented with organized material on each page and there are a number of buyers interested, then you can expect a good sum for the site. In some cases, this could equate to between $100,000 to $1,000,000.
Of course, such sites are rare and most of us do not have such cash to spend (if only!)
For a website that is set up and meets all the standards set out above, then you can expect it to sell in between 40 and 60 days. But, as we said, not many websites meet these criteria.
Selling websites can be a long-winded process and times can vary. Sometimes, you may experience a vast amount of interest and other times, nothing at all. It all depends on your selling strategy and other important factors.
In today's article, we will discover the average time it takes for websites to sell and some steps to help you sell it as quickly as possible. So, if you're eager to sell yours, let's get started!
The Time It Takes To Sell A Website In 2022
How long it takes for a website to sell is determined by how well the site is set up, how much traffic it gets, its niche, how many buyers are queuing up, and many other factors.
From the time the site is listed, you can typically expect the sale of it to take around 15 to 90 days. Of course, this duration can be shorter or longer, but most sites tend to sell in this time frame.
The more interest there is in a site, the quicker it will usually sell, but this can mean a bidding war. Therefore, bids can prolong the process a little.
If the site is unknown or targets a unique niche, then it may struggle to sell in this time frame.
However, there are steps to help you sell your website in the shortest amount of time possible.
Factors To Consider When Selling A Website
For many, selling a website can be extremely exhausting. It is believed that some of the most stressful times in life are buying and selling a house, divorce, and the death of a loved one.
But, some would argue that selling a website should be in this group!
Of course, it can be much easier for some compared to others. On the other hand, even if you think your website is the "bees knees," it's the market that will be calling the shots and not you.
The market will determine what types of websites will sell for large sums of money and quickly.
The online marketing world has become more competitive in recent years, with the trend continuing. But, with some fresh business model ideas and the correct strategies, you can make your site stand out from the crowds and noise.
Some of the most important factors to consider when selling a website quickly are:
  • Understanding your audience
  • Understanding how much your site is worth
  • Doing research in the marketplace for buying and selling websites
  • Making a lead funnel
  • Approaching interested parties correctly
Understand Your Audience
You must know your audience if you want to sell your site quickly. If you do not know who you are selling the site to, you may as well be shooting into the dark.
Therefore, you need to identify your target audience. Then, you can modify and improve your website to tailor the goals and interests of your potential buyers.
The more people you attract to the site, the quicker it will sell.
Moreover, the niche should be something people are interested in over a long period of time. This will help the site sell with a higher value.
Before you think about selling a site, ensure that its niche is something that the audience will enjoy scrolling through. These are the sites that most buyers are interested in.
Think about whether your site has a potential for long-time revenue and growth. Ask yourself, "is my site like thousands of others out there?" "Is it so unique that people will miss it?"
Understand Your Site's Worth
To find out your site's worth you need to identify potential long-term revenue and growth.
Think about how much profit it could generate over a long time and the value it offers to visitors. If its ranking is continually increasing on Google, then it will attract more bidders, with higher bids.
Do Your Research
It goes without saying, but you'll need to do your fair share of research when selling your site. Start by researching what marketplaces are doing well.
Research what the most successful marketplaces are at the present moment and find out why, how those sites keep their audience informed, and what they do differently to other sites.
You can then find out what sales and business models to implement most for buying and selling sites.
Make A Lead Funnel
A lead funnel is a step-by-step process that is out in place to raise awareness of your site with potential buyers. It should cover what your site is all about and why that buyer should invest in your site.
Follow the four key stages to make a successful lead funnel:
1. Awareness
2. Interest
3. Decision
4. Action
A lead funnel can help you brainstorm every step on the way to selling your site quickly. You need to focus on B2B lead generation strategies.
When you reach the last stage of your lead funnel process, you can create newsletters and loyalty rewards for customers to enjoy.
This way, your relationship with the buyer can continue after it has been sold. Stay connected and your website buyers into the site's promoters.
Approach Interested Parties
When you narrow down your target audience, you can also narrow down your potential buyers. This will help sell your website more quickly.
For instance, if your target audience are car enthusiasts, then you should approach a buyer who mainly deals with the automobile industry. Target someone in crafts, and you'll be wasting your time.
As soon as you have identified your target buyers, you need to approach them correctly.
One mistake many make it auctioning their site on a marketplace that is targeted to a larger audience that covers general topics. If your website has a distinct niche, sell it on a marketplace focusing on the same niche sites.
In Summary
If you follow the right steps, such as targeting the right buyers, researching your target audience, having a slick website, and more, then you can expect your site to sell within 15 to 90 days.
The time varies for all websites. Some may sell in a matter of days, whereas others can weeks or months.
But, by putting in the work we have outlined above, you give yourself the best chance of selling your site quickly and for a price you're happy with.
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Sophie has lectured on stages all around the world, encouraging and teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs. She has established instructional programs educating thousands of students how to sell online, in addition to releasing over 1000 products.

Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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