Buying A Website: 10 Tips On Finding Red Flags And Avoiding A Disaster

11/28/2022 11:06:06 +0000
There are plenty of reasons to buy a website instead of making your own one from the ground up. But unfortunately, taking this approach creates its own set of problems which you will need to work out and overcome.
But once you know what these issues are you will easily be able to recognize them and reap the benefits of buying a website instead of making one from scratch.
The website will have already made a name for itself, and it might even have a following. It will also have a good backlink profile which means it will have a lot better SEO traction making it a more authoritative source to work with.
What Kind Of Websites To Buy?
The type of website which you want to buy will depend greatly on what the goals you have are with your website. Some people are aiming to make as much money as possible quickly.
While others are more likely to want to go for a website on something they are more personally attached to and can gradually make a steady stream of income.
It is a lot easier to start making money from a website which has already got its own momentum, but being able to build on this is a skill in itself.
But, if you are looking to flip websites, you need to be aware of the reasons why the website is being sold. If it could keep indefinitely making money it is unlikely that it will be getting sold.
So remain aware of why it is being sold and what work you will need to put in or delegate to keep the website running smoothly and creating a stream of income for you.
So, if you are new to flipping websites like this, you likely do not know what all the issues which plague this industry are.
So, this article will gather a lot of the most prevalent red flags which you may not even know are an issue, and then how to recognize and overcome them.
Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a website, but you are anxious about any potential issues you could run into, then keep reading!
What To Look Out For
History Of The Site
One of the most important things to be aware of and educate yourself on is the history of the domain you are planning to purchase. You will want to know how long it has been running before you purchase it, and how stable it is.
You should also make it a goal to learn about any potential revenue it has generated throughout its history. This will help you discover how good its reputation is, and how simple it will be to publicize your site.
If you know your site has a positive reputation, you will have a much easier time working with it compared to one which does not!
How Is The Site Platformed
This is something which is often overlooked by newcomers to flipping websites, but by knowing what is platforming your website, you will know how simple it is to work with, and how much you can utilize information you may already know.
A lot of websites are based on services like Joomla, or more commonly WordPress, but if it is not one of these, you should be aware of what it is.
If you know this information it will be easy to hire people who are skilled in working with websites platformed on the same service.
How Easy Is It To Edit The Website
This issue depends more on how much you will be involved in running the website, or if you will be delegating this to someone else.
If you are not that literate when it comes to web design, you will want to know how simple it is to edit the content on the website.
If it is too difficult, you will essentially be shooting yourself in the foot and you will have to put a lot more effort into editing. However, if you are delegating this, it is not as much of an issue.
What Is The Target Demographic
You will need to be aware of what kind of demographic you are aiming to target with your content.
This will make it much easier for you to gain a following and have a returning audience which is the best way to build growth, and therefore build income.
Some websites have great analytical tools which will be able to gather this information automatically, however, sometimes you will need to take a more manual approach to this market research.
What Marketing Strategies Are Used?
You will want to track what previous marketing strategies had been used by the previous owner as this way you can build off what they were doing and enhance their results.
If their method is not something you can see yourself evolving or replicating, then the website might not be the best website for you!
Traffic Quality
As many know, the traffic of the website directly correlates with how much income it creates.
You will ideally want to find a website which already generates a good amount of traffic, however, if you find one with less traffic, but good potential and more focused on something you have experience in, then this could be just as valuable, and will likely need less investment initially.
How Much Is Needed For Maintaining The Site
While websites are known for gaining your income, a lot of them cost money to maintain, and this is often the main reason they are being sold.
Make sure that this is something you will be able to maintain and you are confident you will still be able to produce a profit after this cost. If you see this as too much of a challenge, you will be lucky if you realize this before investing.
Reviews For The Website
A lot of websites get reviewed on third party websites to see if they are trustworthy, and this is something you will want to review before purchasing.
This is vital information when it comes to assessing the quality of your investment.
You do not want to jump on a website which no one trusts anymore, or is seen to provide bad information. Of course, you can turn a reputation around, but this is a lot of extra effort to put in.
How Much Will You Be Spending
This can come from either side. If the website is suspiciously cheap, you will want to research any reasons this could be, especially if it seems too good to be true.
But, if it is very expensive, you will want to check if this is justified, or if the seller is just trying to get lucky. You will want to get a good deal on your investment.
Transactions With The Owner
If you can maintain a friendly relationship with the previous website owner this will be a massive asset and will ensure that you can get as much inside information and helpful tips as possible.
This is a contact which will be worth keeping intact, so ensure that you keep the relationship friendly!
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Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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