Are Websites A Good Investment? Why Website Investing Is My #1 Strategy For ROI

Are Websites A Good Investment? Why Website Investing Is My #1 Strategy For ROI

11/25/2022 12:47:00 +0000
In the words of the Gallaghers, "You've gotta make it happen!"
And, you too could be living the lavish lifestyle of those who've truly made it, by making strategic investments for a big enough pay-off that will give you the freedom you're looking for.
Website investment has become a particularly popular way to make money in recent years.
And it should come as no surprise when you hear just how much you can expect to earn when it's done right.
Website investing has wide appeal for so many reasons, and I'll be covering each of them here.
By the end of the article, at the wrap up, you'll have a good understanding of what website investing has to offer, and if you're anything like me, you'll be champing at the bit to get started.
Let's get straight into it. (Feel free to scroll ahead to any section that jumps out at you.)
Investing Basics
If you already know a bit about investing, you can just go ahead and skip this section. We're going to kick things off with the basics for the Newbies.
Doing well in investing means making a good return on your investment, or ROI.

ROI can be calculated as follows (total amount made) - (amount invested) / (amount invested)

Basically, the greater the percentage ROI, the more money you can expect to make on your investment.

Now, there's something called the 4% rule, which maintains that a ROI of 4% is sufficiently safe an investment to make withdrawals from.

When it comes to property investment, investors tend to look for an ROI of 6 to 8 percent as a bare minimum, and 15% or more for a good return.

But, what if I were to tell you that website investing frequently produces an ROI of 40%.

Just think about that for a second. If you were to invest $100,000 on a website, you could at some point reap your investment and receive $140,000. Not bad, hey?

What's more, there are no shortage of reports of entrepreneurs and investors making way more than that, with some achieving an ROI of 100%, effectively doubling their money.

And more than occasionally, even higher ROIs still!

How Easy It Is To Get Into Website Investing
You can either put yourself in the driving seat, or have experts take the reins and drive your investments forward under your specifications.
Both these possibilities can be attractive. Option One means that you have ultimate control over your websites down to the finest detail.
You can carry out all the research you want, and strategize, and make your website business decisions according to your own findings.
And the alternative, Option Two, is to lean on experts in the industry, who know how to boost a website's earning potential, so that the website becomes ever more valuable.
And this option means that your website provides tangible passive income.
A Sub Headline Here
And just to expand on option two for a moment. A quick Google search on the subject will take you to a great organization (no need to name-drop.
Because frankly, there's no need, no-one else is on par with them) that will handle everything from keyword research, providing content, link building, website creation, and more besides.
Many investors find this to be the most attractive option, since it means just about everything is taken care of with minimal input from you.
All you really have to do is decide which niches you want the websites to be in. But, you can also seek advice on that.
The agency will go through everything on your onboarding call, and explain what plans are available for your particular price range, and what tactics may be best for each niche you want your websites to be in.
According to how you want to make money on them. And nothing needs to go ahead without your prior approval.
Diverse And Multiple Income Streams Including Passive Income
So, you may be wondering how websites can increase in value, especially given that domain names can be so cheap.
Well, there are several aspects to a website that give it value. First and foremost is search engine optimization, or SEO.
The better a website is optimized for search engines, the higher it will appear on the search engine result pages, and therefore, the more likely it is to see high website traffic when internet users search for words relating to your website niche.
Websites with good SEO can be monetized to bring in a range of different income streams. It's not just standard online shops that make money online. Websites can also offer drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, or simply plenty of ads.
What's more, you don't have to choose just one of these income streams, but multiple, turning your website into quite the little money-maker.
Thus providing diversity in your investment portfolio and at the same time providing multiple income streams.
A lot of website investors like to buy a website that's already making money, and flip it, in much the same way a property investor would buy a property cheap, do it up, and sell it on for profit.
And that can be a very lucrative option. But until you're ready to do that, you can earn a passive income through the site, and never be out of money.
Low Risk Or High Return Options
This is where you need to think about planning for your future. Website investing caters for both investors who want to make money quickly, and investors who want to make moderate amounts of money for a sustained period of time.
For example, a website that's already doing well and whose money-making performance comes from the sale of new technology may be able to make a significant amount of money very quickly.
And on the other hand, there are websites with a more evergreen niche, meaning ones that don't require as much updated content because circumstances in that niche don't see a lot of change.
Such websites can continue to be of value for sustained lengths of time, bringing in cash from one year to the next.
Easy Trackability For Making Clever And Timely Adjustments
Another great thing about website investing is that you can keep a very close eye on how each website business is doing through online tools such as Google Analytics.
This will break down everything you need to know about how the site is doing.
This includes not just how many website visitors there have been each day, but also trends over time, how long users stay on each webpage, and the rate at which website visitors become customers, just to include a few.
With details like this at hand, it can be easy to see what is working well on the website and what isn't working so well.
That way, you can make timely decisions to maximize the return on your investment at any point in time.
Wrap Up
Everyone who knows my background in online business investing knows how much I love website investing, and just how lucrative it can be when done right.
And after reading this, I'm pretty sure you will quickly follow suit.
About the Host
Sophie Howard is the founder of Aspiring Entrepreneurs, a community designed to help people develop the skills and confidence to build a business and a life that serves them. Sophie began online in 2013 with an Amazon firm, which she sold for more than $1 million in 2015.

Sophie has lectured on stages all around the world, encouraging and teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs. She has established instructional programs educating thousands of students how to sell online, in addition to releasing over 1000 products.

Sophie has also written a book titled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom."
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