Is it Safe to Invest in Digital Assets Today?

01/04/2022 16:48:28 +0800
The year 2021 will end soon, and 2022 will rise. Is it still hard to earn money? With the high gross amount of demands today, products are likely to be expensive in the market. Some people risk their fortune by investing in digital assets without hesitation. But why? What's in a digital asset that attracts them? It is well known that investing in a digital asset is expensive and risky without the assurance of ROI. They say that you can't create a future without taking a risk.


Now, there is no denying that Cryptocurrency is one of the best investments today. But one that is also accompanied by major risks if you do not know what you are doing and how to do it right. It all started from a prototype curiosity and eventually became the mainstream trading medium of today. From the introduction of Bitcoin to crypto, it took a decade for it to be recognized. A primary reason for this slow but sudden popularity is its promised vertical returns to the users. As such, it is not surprising for investors to join in on the bandwagon of these digital assets to rapidly accumulate a foothold.

To stay in the limelight: Is it still safe to invest in digital assets today even though it is risky and has a high chance of getting scammed? There are a lot of possibilities that could happen when you engage in the world of crypto. But there are also a lot of benefits in investing as well:
Growth Roaring Sector
Over the past years, cryptocurrency has grown and leaped to unexpected boundaries. They set a record of being the highest income gained through digital assets. For instance, the value of bitcoin today is above $60,000 per 1.

These numbers thus warrant the conclusion that with many people investing in the world of crypto, there's no doubt that it is safe and secured.

Moreover, we all know that when a business is popular and booming, there is less likelihood that failure will occur for investors. As for investing in digital assets, cryptocurrencies are sure to be one of the most secured, along with NFTs, tokens, and others used for transactions.

Entertainment and Protection
Cryptocurrency is not only important when dealing with digital assets. There have been a lot of new digital systems that are popping up in this post-pandemic world. And these modern assets are trending the most - a reason for you to invest in them. Acquiring NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, is a one-of-a-kind digital asset investment that belongs to you and only you.

In addition, NFTs are popular because of the entertainment it gives to the investors in the form of artwork, music, videos, and gaming. NFTs can be individual or be part of collections that allow users to experience an exclusive community online. For example, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-like game that gives you at least 3 playable characters to help you earn SLP that can be turned into real cash if exchanged.

Another example of NFT is Wemade's blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 is which was introduced last 21 Dec. It is a role-playing game that you can play through your computer or cellphone on any occasion. The mode of earning on MIR4 is through the collection and mining of Draco, the utility token of MIR4.

Return on Investment
Unlike realty sectors, cryptocurrency lets you break your investments into several pieces. Doing so avoids investing a huge amount on only one investment. Hence, the chance of return on your investment is much higher than investing in realty sectors. Some may even say that investing in a digital asset is not a risk. But the reality remains that after investing in cryptocurrency, the ROI possibilities greatly depend on you. Simply put, your efforts and dedication will dictate your earnings.


But what defines a good ROI? Answering this question will mark how willing investors are in taking risks. A good ROI means higher and increased generated returns. The higher the ROI, the more risks are likely (and willingly) to be taken. Consequently, an investment that takes longer to pay off will require a higher ROI to become more attractive.

Passive Revenue
Unlike any other job out there, investing in digital assets will give you a passive and ongoing income at the comfort of your home. If you're well-versed in how cryptocurrency works, the money will flow astonishingly. Think of investing in crypto like waiting for a fruit to fall to the ground. You'll have to wait for the biggest opportunity before making a deal and grabbing the best offer for you.


Undoubtedly, using MetaMask as your cryptocurrency wallet is the best way to hold your passive income. If you're going to ask if the MetaMask is safe to use, then yes, it is. MetaMask uses backup settings for a strong community of innovators modernizing open-source code. The downside and most common problem with MetaMask wallet, though, is phishing attacks. So, be cautious of your actions before engaging with others.

Final Takeaway
As the popularity rises, the security also tightens. Every investor is cautious before investing in the crypto world. Engaging in this powerful platform will make you do your own research (DYOR) to prevent hacking and fraud.

Anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency must be determined and willing to disregard any of their hesitations.

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