10 Innovative Ways To Raise Money To Start A Business

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If you have plans for a brilliant business, you will need a decent amount of startup cash. Without the money, you won't be able to fund the venture. This financing will also be essential for your business to grow.

Unless you come from a wealthy family, finding this funding is tough. But the good news is that there are a few different ways to raise money for your business.

This innovative guide will help you to find the perfect funding option for you!

10 Innovative Ways To Raise Money To Start A Business
1. Angel Investors
Angel investors are a way for you to get in touch with potential investors. Essentially, an angel investor is someone who will put money into the business in exchange for a small stake.
The size of this stake differs, but it tends to be between 10% and 25%. These investors won't just help you to fund your business startup, but they can also provide beneficial advice and experience.
You may not be familiar with angel investors, but the truth is that many large and well-known businesses received help from angel investors. This includes Yahoo.
2. Bank Loans
Perhaps the most obvious way of getting money for your business is through bank loans. The majority of banks offer business loans. Yet, these business loans aren't suitable for everyone.
The reason for this is that you will have to prove that you are a good investment, meaning that you can repay the loan.
As a result, you will need to ensure that your documentation has been completed to a high quality. For instance, you will need to write a clear business plan that clearly highlights your aims and objectives.
Plus, you must state how you intend to use this funding. It's also important to compare different bank loans so that you can find one that's suitable for your business.
3. Business Incubators
A business incubator refers to an organization that provides start-ups for businesses. These incubators will also give businesses all the support that they need.
This includes networking and business tools that inexperienced startups can benefit from massively. Just bear in mind that business incubators tend to only offer small loans.
As will all the entries on this list, business incubators have various pros and cons. For instance, you can be given amazing advice from experienced professionals, who will aid startups to begin their businesses.
One of the downsides of business incubators is that you can feel as though you are losing control of your business. Not to mention, the application process can be severe. For instance, you must provide a thorough business plan.
4. Crowdfunding
Another incredible funding idea is to try crowdfunding. Crowdfunding refers to the act of funding a project through numerous investors, who provide minimal amounts of capital. Often, these funds are acquired through websites.
Crowdfunding is an amazing idea if you have an active social media account. This is because this is an easy method of increasing interest in your project. As a result, it's easier than ever before to get in touch with potential investors.
There are multiple crowdfunding platforms for you to try, such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. Through these sites, you can easily set up a crowdfunding account.
Just bear in mind that crowdfunding is a tool that can be used for lots of different ventures, not just for business funding. This includes artistic and travel ventures.
As a consequence, there can be quite a lot of competition on these platforms, but the benefits can be substantial.
5. Venture Capital
Often abbreviated to VC, venture capitals are designed for early-stage businesses. Specifically, this form of investment is designed to help businesses grow, thus allowing them to achieve their potential.
In this private equity scheme, venture capitalists will only take on businesses that have impressive growth potential.
Venture capital is a rather competitive form of investment. Therefore, you will have to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.
Not to mention, venture capitalists will stay with your business until you're able to pay back the funding. In addition, businesses will typically have a high return investment for this venture capital, which can make them somewhat risky.
6. Bootstrapping
Up next, bootstrapping is a term that refers to the act of launching a business without being reliant upon investments. Instead, businesses will pay for these costs at their own expense.
This pay-as-you-go method is extremely cost-effective.
Bootstrapping is a brilliant idea if you don't want to tie yourself to an investor. But as you can imagine, launching a startup without these funds can be challenging. Moreover, you may have to be reliant on personal savings.
7. Contests
Business contests may not be the most reliable way of securing financing for your business, but they can nonetheless be a valid method of doing so.
If you win one of these contests, you can use the prize money to fund your business with minimal restrictions. Even if you don't win the contest, media exposure can be beneficial.
8. Strategic Partners
Strategic partnerships create a relationship between different enterprises. There is a wide assortment of strategic partners, which work slightly differently.
This method will work best for businesses that have a healthy relationship with suppliers or distributors.
9. Microloans
Microcredit, also known as microloans, is a type of loan for businesses. As the name suggested, these loans are smaller than other methods on this list.
These microloans are particularly well suited for businesses that have limited collateral or are financially disadvantaged in a different way.
If you are launching an especially expensive business, these microloans may not be appropriate for you. After all, the money that you get will be lower than other ideas.
A benefit of microloans is that businesses tend to receive the money quite quickly, as the application process is relatively fast. Furthermore, the interest rates tend to be low.
Unfortunately, these microloans typically have a short repayment term.
10. Government Programs
Lastly, it's worth researching government programs. The government programs for businesses will differ depending on where you live.
Just bear in mind that applying for these grants can take a long time, as these government schemes are rather slow. Often, you will need to meet certain stipulations, such as having a sufficient credit score.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Should You Choose A Funding Option?
Picking the right funding solution for your business can be hard, yet essential. You will have to consider the pros and cons of each of the aforementioned options before committing to one of them.
Additionally, you should consider the amount of money that you will need to start your business.
Can You Borrow Money To Begin A Business?
Yes, you can borrow money for your business from a range of sources. Business loans are offered by different providers, including banks and credit unions.
Just make sure that you weigh up the various business loan lenders before making a decision.
Final Thoughts
Regardless of how brilliant your idea for a business is, you will likely need to raise funds for your new business venture. Though this can be difficult, this list highlights some of the most innovative ideas for raising money for a startup.
As a result, you can launch the business of your dreams!
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