How Much Does Email Marketing Cost? Full Breakdown Of Costs

02/13/2023 09:38:25 +0000
Generally speaking, your email marketing will cost between $10 and $25 every month if you are looking for a basic package.
However, there are plenty of different factors that will affect the cost of your email marketing, this could be how many emails you are going to be sending on a regular basis, the amount of people you are emailing, or a variety of other factors that we will be going over.
So, before you start looking through different email marketing tools and providers, or even agencies, you will want to gauge how much you are looking to get out of your email marketing.
You will soon find out that no two services for email marketing are identical, and the reason there is competition in the market is that certain platforms will be better for different users.
Because of this, you will find that the service that is the best for some users, could easily not even be a contender for you. Because of this, the best way to break down the cost is to work out what you will need for your email marketing to be effective.
This way, when you start looking for different providers, you can immediately rule out the plans and services that will not be needed.
You might even be able to get away with using a free tool for your email marketing, this all depends on what your needs are.
Factors That Affect The Cost
So, as per the introduction, we will go over all the different factors you will need to consider before you start looking for different email marketing packages.
These factors will all directly affect how much you will be paying for your email marketing, and will help you assess which services and packages will be the best fit for you!
Size Of Email List
The main factor that will have you paying more or less for your email marketing is the number of people you will be emailing, or as it is usually referred to, your contact list.
This is usually the main number you will see when email marketing services are showing off their different packages.
Some email marketing services actually require a minimum contact list and this will be between 500 and 1000 usually, however, some of the free packages do not require this.
You will be able to email more people, the more you are paying, however, there are few services that have no cap on this, however, there are some that exist if this is something you will need.
So, before you start looking, make sure you know how many people you will be emailing, and factor in some room for growth!
The Design Of The Template Used
While it is less important than the sizing of your email list, you will want your emails to look uniform and to have a specific look that your customers will recognize, if this is not done, your marketing will likely not be as effective.
A lot of email marketing services will offer different templates, and you can usually preview these before you sign up for the service, if you plan to use a template instead of a custom design, you will want to ensure that the email marketing service you are using has an email template that matches your brand image, otherwise this may not be a fit for you.
We also recommend trying A/B testing, this will help you test which email templates and headlines will get the most clicks, or the most conversions, this is a great tool to help you surmise what will work best for you!
Volume Of Monthly Emails
This is something which you will also see when you are looking at different email marketing services. You will need to work out how many emails you are looking to send every month.
To do this you will multiply how many emails you plan to send, and the size of your contact list (and of course you will want to factor room for growth.)
For example, if you have 1000 contacts on your email list, and you want to send them 5 emails a month, your monthly email volume will be 5000.
It is worth noting however, that there are a lot more services that have an unlimited option compared to the few services that offer an unlimited contact list, however, this is by no means a standard, and if you are not paying for a deluxe plan, this may limit you.
Use Of Automation Tools
Different email marketing tools offer different automation services, some of these can be useful, while others will be integral for helping your business grow.
These tools include the aforementioned A/B testing, as well as send time optimization, task automation, customer profiles, and conversion tracking.
The more of these processes are automated, the less work your marketers will have to do, and the more money you will save.
Sometimes these automation tools are included in different plans, while others will be an added cost, so make sure to take this into consideration.
Support And Reporting
When it comes to most services offered to businesses, you will want there to be a good customer support team if there are any problems.
This is something that is more important than you would think, especially if you are email marketing on a large scale.
When looking for different services, look at the types of customer service offered, whether this is email, messaging, phone, or whatever else, you want to look for the method of customer service you want the most.
Some email marketing services also have better customer service, or give your customer service priority if you are paying for a larger package, so keep this in mind!
The number of users allowed in email marketing refers to how many different users or accounts can access the email marketing platform to create emails and look at data.
Depending on the size of your business, this might be incredibly important, or it might not be something you should consider.
This is also something that will usually increase depending on the size of your plan, however, if you do not need to take it into consideration, this will save you a little time.
Should You Outsource Email Marketing?
Something that should also be considered, especially if you do not want to be as involved with your email marketing, is to outsource and to use an email marketing agency instead of doing it yourself.
This will relieve the workload of some marketing staffers, and will also let you work with people who are more specialized in the specific field of email marketing.
Of course this usually costs more, however, they are a great option if you have a larger than average contact list, have a lot of room for potential growth, and do not know the industry of email marketing that well.
Hopefully this guide has given you all the insight you need to make a good start with your email marketing.
If you are considering outsourcing your email marketing, we recommend booking a consultation with an agency as this will get you some invaluable insight, even if you are only casually considering the option!
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