18 Inspirational Accounts To Follow On Instagram

05/19/2023 07:59:55 +0000
All of us have goals in life. Yes, some may be grander than others, but whatever your ambitions are, sometimes we need a little inspiration to give us a boost to reach that goal.

Chasing our dreams can be tumultuous and more often than not, pretty challenging. It can be particularly difficult when social media gets in the way and leads us down a procrastinating road!

We're all guilty of it - picking up our phone to check it quickly, and before you know it, half an hour has gone and all you've done is scroll needlessly and laughed at a few cat videos.

Now, we're not saying occasional social media scrolling is a bad thing, but if it's getting in the way of your dreams, you should do something about it.

One thing you can do is incorporate your ambitions into your scrolling by following inspirational accounts.

If your social media feed needs a motivational boost, or you need to be reminded of how great you are, you need to follow the 18 inspiration Instagram accounts below.

We're pretty sure these will help you feel inspired and motivated to tackle all that life has to throw at you!

1. Cleo Wade
Who better to give you inspiration than an artist, poet, author, and community builder.
Cleo Wade uses her Instagram presence to tackle issues surrounding social justice and strives to make everyone happier, stronger, and nicer each day. 
Follow Cleo today and feel positivity rush through you!
2. Female Collective
The Female Collective is a channel that supports intersectional solidarity and self-love amongst women, people of color (POC), and the LGBTQ+ community.
Founded by Candace Reels (perfect name for Instagram), this inspiring account also has a sister website and blog where you can feel further empowered.
3. Mike Dooley
Life is full of challenges and problems, but it's how we respond to them that makes all the difference. Follow Mike Dooley, and you'll soon realize that all hope is not lost, even when we allow our problems to consume us.
By following Mike's philosophies on life, we can overcome adversity with a sense of humor and a positive outlook. Feeling down? Check out Mike Dooley's page today!
4. The Good Quote
Sometimes, we all need to be reminded that we're not only enough, but we offer so much more to this world. Whatever issues you may have, you can overcome them and defeat them like the warrior you are!
If this sounds like the inspiration you need, follow The Good Quote IG page now and take advantage of their mental tips and how to be happier.
5. The Female Hustlers
The Female Hustlers Instagram page is the place to be to get the motivation you need to get you started on your journey to success.
Whether that's writing that first page of your best-selling novel or getting to the gym, this page will get your butt in gear!
Run by author Robert M. Drake, RMDRK is a wonderful Instagram page packed with his original motivational quotes and celebrations of being who you are.
He helps followers overcome adversity, learn from past mistakes, and embrace healthy relationships, to make life easier and happier.
7. You Are Luminous
This Instagram account, run by Kristen, offers a different perspective on the usual idea of success (wealth, achievements, and status).
Instead, Kristen encourages us to look within ourselves for happiness, rather than seeking it in external achievements.
By finding contentment and fulfillment in the present moment, we can become successful in all aspects of our lives, regardless of our material possessions or societal status.
We're pretty sure you'll find inner peace with You Are Luminous.
8. Motivation Mafia
If motivation is what you need, Motivation Mafia is the page to follow. It was one of the first accounts on the platform to post motivational quotes and has become one of the most followed inspirational accounts to this day.
You will find motivational quotes about all aspects of life and endless life lessons to give you a more contented life.
9. Elizabeth Gilbert Writer
Author of the best-selling Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert, has an Instagram page loaded with her own mantras and personal musings. Many of her posts are handwritten, making them feel more authentic and personal.
10. Achieve The Impossible
With a name like "Achieve The Impossible," it's no wonder this Instagram page is full of inspirational quotes. You will find hundreds of positive phrases that relate to all aspects of life.
Have a read, and you'll soon be filled with optimism and a hope for the future.
11. Girl Boss
For all the girls reading this, you're already a girl boss, of course! But, if you're still looking for some inspiration to conquer the world, check out this Instagram page. Your dreams will feel closer in no time.
12. The Secret 365
Famous worldwide, The Secret 365 inspires people from all walks of life to strengthen their relationships with others through thought-provoking images and inspirational quotes.
Discover how precious life and love is with this page, and you will feel one with the world.
13. Hannah Bronfman
Looking for some new fitness routines, beauty advice, or motivational quotes? Hannah Bronfman has you covered over on her Instagram page.
You will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle with Hannah as she shows you how working out can be enjoyable and not a chore!
14. She Leads Africa
She Leads Africa not only offers inspiring quotes, but also success stories of individuals from Africa and beyond.
These stories can serve as motivation to work harder towards professional goals and navigate the tiring and competitive corporate world.
15. Terri Lomax
As a successful entrepreneur and podcast co-host of the H.E.R weekly podcast, Terri Lomax is dedicated to sharing her inspiring energy and wisdom with women, particularly women of color on her Instagram page.
With a mix of tough love and encouragement, Teri aims to help individuals achieve their goals, and so far, she is succeeding!
16. Entrepreneur
If you already follow Entrepreneur Magazine, you have to follow their Instagram account.
With success stories from business people around the world and a whole host of business tips, this page will inspire and help you become the success you are bound to be.
17. Create Your Life Studio
Christine Scott-Hudson, a licensed therapist, inspires us to prioritize our mental health and personal goals by sharing her wisdom and real-life self-care advice through her IG account.
Her guidance is super helpful for those of us who tend to put others first, reminding us to prioritize our own well-being.
18. The Lisa Michaud
Coach and podcast host, Lisa Michaud, reminds us that our mindset is a more powerful tool than our experience, talent, and plans.
With her guidance, you'll be able to achieve your goals without relying solely on your innate abilities. Even with the best plan, you need a mindset to match it!
In Summary
Feeling inspired yet? If not, it's time to revisit these Instagram pages above and start scrolling. Don't worry, this scrolling is for your own benefit this time!
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