R. Stevens

Like many young and fresh graduates, R. Stevens had a lot of potential and even more ambition. He started small, showed a lot of promise, and soon got his next big promotion.

However, things started going downhill from there. Despite reading every mainstream book about middle-management and project management made by man-kind, he was still failing big time and made no progress in any direction.

Since he thought he did everything "by the book," he blamed his lack of success on everyone else--it was never on him.

As a result of the stress of endless struggles and frustration, R. Stevens fell very ill. It was a warning from mother nature that all the high levels of stress and bad sleeping habits were taking a massive toll on his health. Too proud to admit he was experiencing a burn-out, he struggled for years before finally realizing that things had to change.

While slowly recovering, R. Stevens gave himself the time he needed to focus on the most important aspects of his life: his lifestyle, and his personal and professional relationships. He found that many of the books he read on the subject talked an awful lot about the theory, yet provided very few practical tools. Striving for change, he decided to put those theories to practice and came to realize that they worked 99% of the time.

Today, R. Stevens is a well-known publisher. He is renowned for not only explaining the theory, but actually helping the reader implement, repeat, and practice their newly acquired skills. He does all of this with a simple, easy-to-learn approach accessible to anyone looking to work on themselves and their work relations.

His books, along with the wealth of secrets and information they contain, are available to the mass-market now through Amazon, Audible, and other platforms.

Mark Warner

Mark Warner

All Mark Warner ever wanted since his early teenage years was to use social media as a bridge to become "rich quick."

Thousands of dollars and countless hours behind the screen were spent. He tried everything, and yet none of it worked.

Numerous times did Warner want to throw all efforts away and just give up, but what kept him going was his religion-like belief in the powers of success. As a last desperate move, he borrowed money from his parents and friends, using it to invest in the highest quality training and countless books about marketing foundation.

It proved to be an eye-opener. He discovered that he had been focusing on the wrong things all along. Confident and clear, he applied the newly-learned strategies to his approach and found them to be exactly what he was in need of. Time after time, they worked like a charm!

Now Warner wants to share the secrets to his success with his readers.

Any small business with a next-to-zero budget looking to stay autonomous and steer clear of an agency, or even a done-for-you service, will find the information in Warner's best-selling books essential and very helpful. You can find them on major platforms, like Amazon and Audible, or even start listening to some of his best secrets for success

Joel E. Winston

Joel E. Winston

Joel E. Winston's first three business start-ups were a devastating failure. He focused on marketing, clients, and the products, yet he totally neglected himself. Ultimately, he not only lost his businesses but also went bankrupt and, soon after, divorced.

Rather than give up, Winston took control of his situation and used his frustration as fuel to push him to extraordinary lengths and achieve success. His endless curiosity led him to explore and become a specialist in Emotional Intelligence, NLP techniques, as well as the old Stoic principles.

Throughout his journey, Winston discovered that lasting success can only come from within--it has to be derived from passion. Now, he is happily remarried, owns several successful companies (including a publishing business to help other entrepreneurs), and things are looking better than ever.

Jonatan Slane

Jonathan Slane

Jonatan Slane had a rough start to his career. Nothing he did ever gave him the recognition or possibilities to become the leader he knew he could be. Whatever he tried, he just couldn't seem to get those promotions he wanted.

At the time, Jonatan couldn't understand why all of the project management and team-leading training he had done never worked. It was unbearably heavy and almost led him to a burn-out.

Deciding to take a month's sabbatical was the best decision Jonatan could have ever made for his career.

This month, it helped him realize his fundamental mistake: He was focusing too much on external tools and training, and too little on himself. If he wanted to become a leader, he needed to work on his thoughts, habits, behaviors, self-awareness, and emotional self-control.

To say the least, it was a life-changing period for Jonatan, where he ventured into a journey of self-discovery through the help of several advanced workshops and books.

When Jonatan came back to work, he noticed a big difference; everything was so much easier all of a sudden. He had learned foolproof strategies that were bound to work for any situation and get him exactly what he wanted.

Jonatan discovered the secret to success. Now, he's sharing it with the world on major publishing platforms like Amazon and Audible.

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