Passive Portfolio Investors
Ready to turn practical insights into long-term passive income streams? Optimize your online investment strategy with Passive Portfolio Investors today.
There's a smarter way to generate online cash flow...
Ready to turn practical insights into long-term passive income streams? Optimize your online investment strategy with Digital Asset Investors today.
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Real wealth isn't earned from wages – it's generated through assets.
The vast majority of salaried jobs, even high-paying ones, are not designed to help you get ahead. They're designed to help you live comfortably so that you can remain productive (while the owners of the company get rich).
If a tech worker or doctor is making six's a safe bet that those higher up on the food chain are clearing a million. At the other end of the spectrum, a fast-food worker makes $7 an hour so the owner of the franchise can make $70,000 a year.

Traditionally, with the exception of residential property, asset ownership was prohibitively expensive and out of reach for ordinary citizens.

Luckily, the internet has changed the game for the better...
Earning passive income through digital assets has never been easier.
Investing in a high-ROI asset used to require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. Today, you can purchase profitable assets online for a tiny fraction of that cost.

We created the Passive Portfolio Investors masterclass to show you how to:
  • Design an asset portfolio that fits with your budget, risk tolerance, interests, and strengths
  • Identify, evaluate, and purchase profitable digital assets that generate passive income
  • Develop practical strategies for managing, optimizing, and scaling your digital assets
  • And more
Price: $997 USD
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Profitable strategies, right at your fingertips.
This self-paced 10-module online course walks new passive portfolio investors through the entire investment journey. Throughout the course, you'll learn how to make money off digital assets without any advanced tech knowledge. Some of the other topics covered include: 
  • Risk Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Automation
  • Economies of Scale
  • Flipping Assets
Generating passive wealth has never been this accessible...or this easy!
Price: $997 USD
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Course Curriculum
  • Module 1 - Digital Asset Overview
    The first module covers some of the pros and cons of investing in digital assets. We'll explore some of the reasons why you should be considering digital asset investment, as well as some of the potential issues that may occur.
  • Module 2 – Becoming a Successful Investor
    In this module, we'll look at some of the foundational skills and attributes required to become a successful digital asset investor. We'll also discuss funds (digital assets are affordable, but they aren't free!).
  • Module 3 – Finding Deals
    Not every digital asset investment is a good one – you need to find a reputable place to conduct business. In Module 3, we'll look at some of the trusted websites you can visit to find deals on small/medium-sized digital assets.
  • Module 4 – Business Models 101
    Module 4 explores the various types of online business models – we'll go over eCommerce, affiliate marketing, SaaS and apps, Amazon, online advertising, and subscription-based services.
  • Module 5 – Deal Assesment
    This module weighs the pros and cons of niche markets based on market size, scalability, keyword research/SEM, competition, social media presence, and more. We'll also touch on some red flags.
  • Module 6 – Digital Asset Due Diligence
    In Module 6, we look at shortlisting and evaluating digital assets using our Evaluation Framework Checklist, then explore some strategies for doing further due diligence and analyzing the business's fundamentals.
  • Module 7 – Investing Strategy and Closing the Deal
    Closing the deal involves more than just a simple negotiation and an accepted offer – there are NDAs, non-compete clauses, inspections, and escrow. We go over all of that and more.
  • Module 8 – Tech Migration
    You don't need to be an expert coder to be a successful digital asset investor, but there are some tech considerations you need to be aware of. In Module 8, we'll help detail and simplify the tech migration process.
  • Module 9 – Growing Your Investment
    Module 9 focuses on scaling your new asset to maximize growth with minimal effort and increase your potential earnings. We'll cover tracking, automation, growth plans, global strategies, and more.
  • Module 10 – Building a Team
    A successful digital asset is not created in a vacuum. To get the most out of your new investment, you likely need to assemble a team of web developers, marketers, content writers, and other web-based specialists.
Exclusive BONUS Content
In addition to the core modules, Passive Portfolio Investors enrollment also unlocks hundreds of dollars worth of exclusive bonus templates
  • FREE Access to my Freedom Navigator Course
  • Recommend Reads List
  • 12 Months Access to my Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to my Due Diligence Team
  • Up to 3 one-on-one Deal Reviews with Myself
  • Digital Asset Investors eBook
  • 11 Sites for Buying Online Businesses Report
  • 12 Months Access to my Monthly Masterclass Assessing Real Deals
More Exclusive BONUS Content - Coming Soon!
Even more exclusive content launching Friday  November 19th!
Anyone already registered to Digital Asset Investors will get full access to all of my new bonuses as soon as they are launched.
  • 100-day Take Over Plan
  • Due Diligence Assessment Checklist
  • NDA template
  • Recommended Software Guide
  • Seller Questions
  • Little Black Book of Resources, Services, and Providers I use
  • Members Only Community
And more. Combined with the 10-module course, that's over $13,000 of exclusive content for just $997!

Building a digital asset portfolio has never been easier. Register for the Digital Asset Investors course today to get started.
Price: $997 USD
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