For People Looking To Become an Entrepreneur, Start Their First Business,Or Create a Side Hustle...

"Aspiring EntrepreneursInstantly Identifies The Perfect Online Business Opportunity for You That Will Allow You To Generate Massive Success & Results From Day One

For People Looking To Become an Entrepreneur, Start Their First Business, Or Create a Side Hustle...

"Freedom NavigatorInstantly Identifies The Perfect Online Business Opportunity for You That Will Allow You To Generate Massive Success & Results From Day One

Dear Friend,

There are thousands of business opportunities available.
But which is the best for YOU?

Let me tell you a story about how I discovered the business which was perfect for me, made my first million online - and how I mastered the process of helping others do the same…

I was in my 20s and fresh out of my government job. I wanted more than anything to break free from the 9-to-5 grind. I’d had enough of that, and I wanted to be my own boss, work for myself, and create true wealth.

So I Got Onto Google, And Started
Searching For New Opportunities.

So I Got Onto Google,
And Started Searching For New Opportunities.

But one of the first things I discovered... was exactly how many options were out there.


I mean, I could spend hours just sorting through all of them. And each opportunity promised to be the "thing" that would change my life forever.
Everything from, Real Estate, to Multi-Level Marketing, to becoming an AirBnB host, to flipping stuff on eBay... 
I was completely overwhelmed by all the options out there. On top of that, there were many so-called 'guru's out there, on social media, who were peddling their business models, and claiming theirs was the best and only way to make money.

I was so dazed and confused that I really never stopped to think, “Hey, what are MY natural skills… and how could I use them to my advantage?”

Can you see why this set me up to fail from the very beginning?

You see - it was hard for me to judge whether any of these options were a good fit for me. And that’s because I was looking at these options from the completely wrong perspective.
I kept looking at the different business ideas in front of me and thinking about how much money they could make me. And obviously, that’s an important question to ask. Because if I started a business that couldn’t pay the bills, I’d soon be out on the streets.

But I was neglecting an even more important question that I should have been asking myself all along. And that’s whether those businesses would fit my natural skills -- would I be any good at them?

My First Attempt At Making Money On
My Own Was A Disaster

My First Attempt At
Making Money On
My Own
Was A Disaster

I tried binary options trading.

I spent a whopping $5,000 (which was money I didn’t have) on an expensive training to make me a pro trader. I went to bed that night and dreamt of becoming the next Wall Street wizard to make huge windfalls.

But when I got up the next day to actually put the trading strategy into action, that was a whole other story.
I didn’t even want to open up my trading account, because I hate too many details. I’ve been this way ever since I was a kid. Endless numbers and charts make me nauseous.

And sitting at home at my computer all by myself was just plain dreadful. It was overwhelming and lonely. I may not have been the biggest party animal in college, but that type of isolation was NOT my cup of tea.

Then I Tried Coaching People. (Aweful!)

Then I Tried Coaching
People. (Aweful!)

At first, coaching sounded like a good idea, because I liked the idea of working with people. But I didn't like working 1-on-1 with people.

Even though it was a step up from working in complete isolation as a trader, I still didn’t like being that up-close-and-personal with other people’s lives.

And I’m not here to knock trading, or coaching. Because there are countless traders who have made million-dollar trades. And I personally know coaches who charge thousands of dollars per hour for their services.

It’s not that those business models couldn’t work. It’s that they didn’t fit my personality.

I was meant for something different and I knew it. Ever since I was born, I had a specific temperament and personality which gave me unique skills that nobody else had.
And this got me thinking…

There are so many people who are telling you to start a business these days, but most of them are trying to convince you that THEIR business model is the correct one for you. They’ve never met you, and they know nothing about you, yet they’re SURE that their business model is the one that you should use.

How could that be?

Nobody would hand you a random dress and tell you that this dress is perfect for you. It will fit perfectly. And it’ll look amazing on you. That would be completely crazy talk.

But Somehow, This Logic Works Fine When
“Gurus” Try To Sell Their Products.

But Somehow, This Logic
Works Fine When
“Gurus” Try
To Sell Their Products.

why the different businesses I’d started were destined to fail from the start, because they simply didn’t fit my natural blueprint for success. It wasn’t anything personal. In fact, I was thrilled because I didn’t have to go barking up the wrong tree anymore - struggling with opportunities that didn’t exploit my own natural superpowers.

It’s like I’d discovered my own personal “Aspiring Entrepreneur”...  Because based on my own unique personality -- and my unique strengths and weaknesses -- it suddenly became obvious to me what I should be doing with my life.

Knowing exactly what I liked and didn’t like - and exactly what my secret superpowers were - it wasn’t very long before I discovered a business model that was perfect for me.

The results were nothing short of astounding. I’d finally caught my stride in life. And the beauty of this was I was able to create a business that matched my own personality, so I didn’t have to force myself to succeed. Things came naturally.     
Success came quickly, and powerfully…

And Before Long, I Earned 7 Figures
Selling Physical Products Online.

And Before Long, I Earned
7 Figures Selling Physical Products Online.

Now, I don’t want to give you the idea that YOU have to sell products on Amazon to be successful. Because not everybody wants to spend money before they make money.

You've also got to buy your inventory up front and be quite creative working with designers and packaging people to create your own private labels. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

But the process worked for me. I was able to tap into my own natural talents and motivations to make my business a remarkable success. That’s what was most important.

Once I figured out how to use my Aspiring Entrepreneur, it was much easier to choose successful business ideas. I found more opportunities that matched my own natural abilities. My very next business idea was an online education program, it hit 7 figures within a few months.

Then I was able to leave my job in the capital city of my country and move to my dream location - a rural town in the southern island of New Zealand.

Depending on your personality, success will look different to you than it does for me. You see, some people want to start a new business because they want to build huge empires.

They measure their success by their headcount or their job title. They want to be the CEO, they want the fancy cars and all of that stuff. And that does nothing for me at all.

In fact, I drive a battered old car that's full of horse hair and mud and I never take the key out of the ignition. I love rural life in a very relaxed small town and I don't really go for materialistic stuff at all.

Having a horse for me is a huge luxury. It's a very expensive hobby where I live in the mountains where there's no grass. So that's my splurge and what I do for fun.

I have built and designed the lifestyle I want:
Ride my horse, ski, pick kids up from school at 3:00 pm sharp every day.

I've been there for every milestone in
my children's’ lives - every PTA meeting, every play, every sporting event.

I also paid off 4 mortgages by age 40…
And I travel with my family 4-6 times a year. We stay in the most wonderful hotels and places around the world all paid for by my business.
And the best part is, I work part time hours because I designed my businesses to work that way.

But None Of This Would Matter
If This “Aspiring Entrepreneur” I’ve Been Telling You About Only Worked For Me.

You see - after having had a taste of success for myself, and seeing how crucial it is to have a business that fits with your natural personality, I’ve helped several other people start businesses that were a perfect fit for their natural God-given super powers.
And the results were phenomenal…
 “I started my own freelance HR business.” 
Hi Sophie, 

I was stuck in the daily grind, working 9-5 in a recruitment firm, I was doing the family juggle and working too hard in an unsatisfying job. I found this course online and rather than dive in, I dabbled at the beginning, I didn’t take wholeheartedly the leap. 

Spoke directly with Sophie on a call and decided to go all in, felt inspired by her attitude and knowledge. I worked out what I’m best at, my skill set, my mission, what I really wanted my life to look like. This course taught me a lot and with Sophie’s help, I started my own freelance HR business. 

I’ve worked hard, made lots of new connections, networked my tail off, and found allies in the course that have been really helpful in pushing my business forward. I went all in, am now happily working my own hours, with my lifestyle working for me not against me. 

Sophie and the team really helped, the content was spot on and made real business sense. What I loved the most is that Sophie not only shares her knowledge but also provides the motivation and inspiration to go along, having learned on her own and built a successful model. 

Sure, you can read a book or website, but you don’t get to see the information applied in real life. She has just the right personality; honest, positive, and with her student’s interest in mind.
 “You helped me build a store that stands the test of time” 
Hi Sophie, 

Sophie, thank you so much for eliminating the complexities and brain freeze that was halting my progress and ultimate success in e-commerce. 

Your amazing personality and experience, your care, confidence and giving nature is beyond belief. You are such a rare individual who takes every opportunity, gives it a good shake and turns it into pure glory. 

I can’t believe how quickly you helped me build a store that stands the test of time. I believe it’s because of your “just get it done” and “no problem” attitude. You’re a true motivator and inspiration.  
I am forever grateful
I found you!
I am forever grateful
I found you!
-Joy N.
“Really Impressive.”
Sophie’s understanding of consumer’s needs or problems and how to craft products which give a great solution is really impressive. 

She shows interesting real life examples of how to identify product opportunities and how to build sustainable businesses on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

 It’s amazing watching her in action, with top of mind ideas and opportunities flying out at what seems like every breath. 

She’s very down to earth and engaging 

-Kim D.
“Just Amazing.”
The ongoing knowledge and wisdom you give to others and the hardwork you do as a teacher, mentor and coach to your business colleagues and the large amounts of information you provide is just amazing. 

I have never met anyone that is so thorough and mesmerizing about the amount of content you give and share with us.

 -Colin K.
Look, there’s never been a better time to start a business to give you the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Especially during this unprecedented time of sickness and economic unrest. These days, you simply can’t rely on an employer to tell you that everything’s going to be okay, and that your job security is safe and sound. 

That’s why you owe it to yourself to use my “Aspiring Entrepreneur”. See how our students use it to find the money making opportunity that’s right for them, and only them. Introducing…

The Aspiring Entrepreneur

The idea for Aspiring Entrepreneur is to fast track all the difficult decision making about the overwhelming number of  online business opportunities. 

It contains a profiling quiz to help you understand your strengths and skills - to match them to certain business models where you have a hidden advantage. 

Most people are working in a model that doesn't use their strengths, and marketers always promise a one size fits all business opportunity. Aspiring Entrepreneur will help people choose the right path and give them support to implement and succeed. 

Discover the personality traits and what they mean, so you can identify a business model that would fit your personality like a hand to a glove.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to crack open your deepest motivation. 

Not only will this give you unstoppable momentum, EASILY spot opportunities that you’re most energized about - and will go the extra mile for - without hesitating. (Page 9) 

Your money options revealed: 

The full spectrum of online business opportunities that I believe hold the BIGGEST potential for transforming your life and giving you the freedom you truly want. (Page 11) 

How to become 10 to 100 times more productive overnight WITHOUT working any harder.

(Sounds hard to believe, but you’ll work LESS while becoming MORE productive - crucial for expanding profit potential.) (Page 32)

How to reverse-engineer your work habits.

See how we help our students identify more of their ninja superpowers, so they can make more profit from doing what they love - while exterminating activities they hate (Page 39)

The non-negotiable traits of a 7-figure entrepreneur.

Success is not a coincidence. I’ve worked with dozens of self made millionaires, and I’ve identified 7 habits that they’re fanatical about without exception. (Page 46)

The top 6 business models I’d recommend to any beginner. 

These are the options which give our students the highest chance of success… even if they have zero business skills and they have no idea how to make money online. (Page 53) 

How to sell a business for a huge multiple.

People who have sold their business, become financially set for life. But most entrepreneurs make it impossible to sell their businesses because of a few dumb mistakes! (Page 66)

The Aspiring Entrepreneur personality profiler.

How to identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and sync them up with an in-demand business model that you’re fired up about. (Page 71) 

That's Not All... If You Download It Right Now, I Will Also Give You The Audio book For Free! (Value $4.95)

So you can listen to me break down this game-changing formula myself, step-by-step, whilst travelling on the train or driving in your car. 

Look, you’ve just seen how this Aspiring Entrepreneur has transformed my business and life… 

It’s helped me stop struggling in businesses that I hated and launch several 7-figure businesses online. 

A 7-figure Amazon business, selling private label physical products. 

A 7-figure Online Education business, teaching my knowledge and expertise. 

And that’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. Because I neglected to tell you about my annual mastermind retreat that I run which also generates 7-figures and other projects which are highly lucrative. 

Today I own four homes, which are all completely paid off. I travel with my family 4 to 6 times per year. I can even afford my own horse! 

You’ve also seen how this process helped other people start their business themselves…

So at this point, you're at a crossroad with an important decision to make

You have 1 of 3 options:

You have
1 of 3 options:

Option #1:

Do nothing, exit from this page, perhaps check out what your friends are up to on Facebook and continue your life as you are.

If that’s the case, I hope you took some inspiration from reading my story today and it’s broadened your horizons a little to show you what’s possible.

However, if you are a serious about finding your dream business and freedom in your life as fast as possible, that leaves you with 2 other options:

Option #2:

Go it alone and try to figure it out yourself.
If so, we wish you the best of luck because I can assure you, it won’t be an easy ride…

There will be a lot of painstaking trial and error, wasted advertising spend
and continued frustration.

Even after all of this work, there is a high chance that you will not find a business that works on your strengths or anything remotely close to it.

As I said before, so many people get into the wrong business, which they hate because it doesn’t fit with their personality traits and that’s why they get mediocre results.

Now to the final option… which I feel is the most logical and easiest one for you to take…

Option #3:

Download my new ebook now for a mere $4.95. Read through it and apply my revolutionary Aspiring Entrepreneur system today.

Watch how our student's who follow this system see their sales go up considerably and make their life completely transform for the better.

Remember, there are only 2 types of people in this world…
Those who dream about achieving success but never build up the courage to go after it…
And those who know exactly what they want and take action as soon as the opportunity arises.

Since you’ve read this far, I can see you are one of the more dedicated individuals…
So don’t wait a second longer.

Download my new ebook right now.
And I will personally send you an email with the access link in the next 3 minutes. To your future success,

Sophie Howard

P.S. If you are not happy with my new ebook for whatever reason, just shoot me a message and I’ll give you a full refund. 

I will even let you keep the ebook just for giving it a try. 

That way, you have absolutely nothing to lose but potentially a whole new, exciting business and lifestyle to gain. 

Get your new ebook above.Trust me. 

You won’t regret it.

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